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Month: January 2021

Big Deal

Now until March 31st 2021 frontline workers can drive away with the Suzuki Dzire at a steal of a deal. Special Pricing – $39,900 Monthly repayments from Simpson Finance only $499. Now TELL US WHAT IS YOU DZIRE? Call us today for more information 453 2277 or 485 4557

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Engine Oil Filter

Purpose and Function The engine oil filter removes impurities in the engine such as metal particles and soot produced from combustion. If overused without replacement … Abnormal noises may occur Oil level reduction may occur The rate of engine component wear increases Permanent engine damage As an engine oil filter becomes contaminated with metal particles […]

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For your safety and peace of mind…

Does your car get regular checkups? The parts which your car is consisted of deteriorate and wear out over time. In order to maintain peace of mind and prevent major problems or additional expenses, it is important to have regular checkups and replace parts at an appropriate timing. Regular checkups will contribute to a longer […]

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