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Smelly inside your car?

When did you last change your Air Conditioner Filter? Likewise your air conditioner at home, your car is equipped with an air conditioner filter. However, even people who clean their home air conditioner regularly tend to forget about their car air conditioner. Car air conditioner filters are much more likely to get dirty as it […]

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Tire Changing – Removing the Spare Tire and Tools The spare tire and tools are located in the storage compartment in the rear of the vehicle. 1. Wheel Wrench 2. Screwdriver 3. Tow Eye 4. Screwdriver Handle 5. Jack Handle Extension To access the spare tire and tools: 1. Open the liftgate. 2. Lift the […]

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What Is Warranty?

 Warranty is a contract that exists between the factory/manufacturer and the owner of the vehicle, over a period measured in time and/or distance. For purposes of convenience, this contract is facilitated by an importer/distributor or a dealer. The contract outlines pre-conditions of compliance by vehicle owners’ so that contention related to the validity of the […]

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