For your safety and peace of mind…

Does your car get regular checkups?

The parts which your car is consisted of deteriorate and wear out over time. In order to maintain peace of mind and prevent major problems or additional expenses, it is important to have regular checkups and replace parts at an appropriate timing. Regular checkups will contribute to a longer life span of your car. Consult a Suzuki expert at JQ Motors who will maintain your car to the best condition.

Regular Checkup Recommendation

If your Suzuki skips regular checkups, problems below may happen…

  1. Engine oil degrades over time. If it is not changed regularly, it will lead to poor engine performance, and in some cases result in a breakdown.
  2. The fluid in the Battery evaporates over time. If the battery is not replaced regularly, the car will not be able to start. In the worst case, low battery fluid may even lead to battery explosion.
  3. Worn Tires interfere with effective braking. It also causes the tires to slip easily, so it is important to change them regularly for safety.
  4. Drive belts are made of a rubber based material which wear out over time. Worn belts will make abnormal noise, and in the worst case, break and cause the engine to stop.
  5. Engine Coolant prevents the engine from getting too hot. It will degrade and evaporate over time, so if it is not changed regularly, the engine may overheat and result in a breakdown.
  6. Overused Brake Pads will cause poor braking performance. It is very important to replace the brake pads regularly to maintain effective braking and avoid fatal accidents.

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