FUSO Light Duty

Powerful performance, economical operation, ease of use, outstanding durability and reliability are traits that are individually applicable to all models. Our full lineup, from the light-duty Canter FB to the Canter FG, offers a model perfectly suited to all general cargo transport needs. Consider the light-duty Canter, its compact size and a short turning radius make it perfect for maneuvering in the tight, congested streets of the city.

FUSO Medium Duty

Middle distance hauling needs are perfectly addressed by our medium-duty models. With the new generation Mitsubishi FH, practicality begins with a choice. A choice that offers either the 8.5 ton G.V.W. or the new 9.9 ton G.V.W., together a total of 13 chassis variations. Mitsubishi FM and FK series has undergone a full model change to be born as Mitsubishi’s new generation medium-duty trucks of outstanding comfort, operational ease and economy. The Mitsubishi FL offers advanced 4WD (four-wheel drive) technology for unprecedented driving performance over all types of rough road surfaces. With a touch of a switch, the new FL allows for a passenger car like transfer control to operate the smooth performing part time drive system. For total assurance in brake performance, the FL now comes with an air over hydraulic brake system as standard equipment.

FUSO Heavy Duty

The Mitsubishi FP/FV series has undergone a full model change embodying numerous innovative features that take “the extra step” in the world of heavy-duty transport. True to form, the totally revamped FP/FV series exemplifies Mitsubishi’s primary goal: developing the “truck of trucks” for maximum operating efficiency. Both models sport a new aerodynamically sculpted cab design with a rounded, cubic form and flush surfaces all around. The cab interior is ergonomically designed, with new advanced features incorporated into a spacious interior to simplify overall operations and reduce driver fatigue. The new truck series is built with a lighter, yet tougher, chassis to handle heavy-duty tasks and excel in power performance. Put simply, the new FP-FV series, which is the synthesis of 80 years of Mitsubishi technological vehicular know-how, is truly “beyond compare” in terms of driver comfort, safety, durability and economy.