Tire Changing – Removing the Spare Tire and Tools

The spare tire and tools are located in the storage compartment in the rear of the vehicle.

1. Wheel Wrench

2. Screwdriver

3. Tow Eye

4. Screwdriver Handle

5. Jack Handle Extension

To access the spare tire and tools:

1. Open the liftgate.

2. Lift the trim cover.

3. Remove the jack, tools, and spare tire.

4. Place them near the tire being changed.

Removing the Flat Tire and Installing the Spare Tire

  1. Do a safety check before proceeding.

2. If there is a wheel cover, remove the wheel nut caps to access the wheel nuts.

3. Turn the wheel wrench counterclockwise to loosen the wheel nuts. Do not remove them yet.

 4. Place the jack at the position marked with a half circle.

 5. Attach the jack handle extension to the jack by sliding the hook through the end of the jack.

 6. Turn the wheel wrench clockwise until the lift head is firmly contacting the proper lifting point nearest the flat tire.

7. Turn the wheel wrench clockwise to raise the vehicle far enough off the ground so there is enough room for the spare tire to fit underneath the wheel well.

8. Turn the wheel nuts counterclockwise to remove them.

9. Remove the flat tire.

10. Remove any rust or dirt from the wheel bolts, mounting surfaces, and spare wheel.

11. Place the spare tire on the wheel-mounting surface.

12. Reinstall the wheel nuts. Turn each nut clockwise, by hand, until the wheel is held against the hub.

13. Lower the vehicle by turning the wheel wrench counterclockwise. Lower the jack completely.

14. Tighten the wheel nuts firmly with the wheel wrench in a crisscross sequence.