Requirements For Leasing

Simpson Finance

Summary of Lease Requirement

Individual Applicants

  • Identification Card / Passport 
  • Valid Driver’s Licence (s)
  • Recent Job Letter / Contract
  • 3 Recent Pay slip (s)
  • Secondary Income Documents (where applicable)
  • 6 Months Recent Bank / Credit Union Statements
  • Proof of Residence – e.g. utility bill

NB: In the event applicant is self employed, proof of income is to be submitted in the form of invoices and /or receipts as well as bank statements for a three (3) to six (6) month period.

Summary of Lease Terms

  • The vehicle remains the property of Simpson Finance Ltd. for the duration of the lease.
  • Providing that all financial requirements have been met at the end of the lease, the contract will be terminated and the vehicle released to the lessee.
  • The vehicle is to be maintained by the customer. All servicing and repairs are to be performed by JQ Motors Ltd. at the customer’s expense.
  • Current transport board registration and re-registration charges are incorporated into the lease, and will be paid annually until such time as the lease is terminated. Any increases over present rates will borne by the customer.

Please note the aforementioned points are not exhaustive, and a comprehensive understanding of the lease can only be attained by studying the lease contract.