Your Car Care Plan



In light of the Covid-19 Epidemic currently affecting Saint Lucia, the following are the protocols which are to be observed and practiced by all customers who are to receive vehicle maintenance services at our premises.

1. Vehicle servicing and repairs will be provided by appointments only. Customers who are seeking those services may call 453 2277 / 285 3145 for appointments.

2. Customers with confirmed appointments are required to ensure that all their belongings in their vehicles are removed and secured by themselves, before the vehicles are received and processed for the service required.

3. Customers must wear a face mask to facilitate interactions with staff and entry into the building. Face masks and gloves will be worn by staff.

4. Customers hands will be sprayed with a hand sanitizer before any paperwork is allowed, and also before entry into the building is allowed.

5. Customers will be kept apart at the safe distance of 6 feet.

6. All contact surfaces of the vehicles will be sanitized in preparation for processing and acceptance for the service required.

7. All common contact surfaces such as door handles and desk tops will be kept cleaned and sanitized.

8. No courtesy shuttle service will be provided. Customers are to make their own transportation arrangements, independently of JQ Motors.

9. No washing of vehicles will be provided after servicing/repairs are completed.

10. No coffee and/or tea will be available.

11. If any customer is feeling unwell, please remain at your home or return to your home, and follow the advice of the Ministry of Health.

It is absolutely necessary that we implement the above protocols for the good and safety of every customer and staff alike. We therefore trust that everyone will cooperate fully as together we play our part in the fight against Covid-19.


Pre-Delivery Inspection

To help you get maximum satisfaction and enjoyment from your Mitsubishi or Chevrolet vehicle, the vehicle will be inspected and prepared by an authorised JQ Motors Technician trained in General Motors and Mitsubishi Motors technical and service procedures to ensure the highest quality in the delivery of your vehicle. All fluid levels, requried lubrications, suspension parts, electronic items and safety features will be double checked to ensure that they have met the manufacturer’s specifications from the factory to the road.

Free First Service

JQ Motors offers you a standard free first service at 1 month or 600 miles or 1000 kilometres for your new vehicle. At that time, specific inspections and lubrications will be performed free of charge by JQ Motors Ltd.

Discounted Second Service

JQ Motors is proud to offer a reduced cost second service. This service should take place no later than 3 months or 3000 miles or 5000 kilometers from the first service, whichever comes first. At this time, all lubricants and/or parts will be charged, but no labour will be charged for installation, fluid fill up or inspection.

Third Service & Beyond

You should now return to JQ Motors for periodic service inspections and attention every 3 months or 3000 miles or 5000 kilometers, whichever comes first. This will ensure several things:

1. That your vehicle is undergoing the optimum preventative maintenance for this region to minimise the likelihood of chronic, long term or expensive repairs in the vehicle’s life.
2. That your vehicle has a traceable, comprehensive and solid service history which helps to ensure the best possible resale value of the vehicle.
3. That your warranty will be upheld to the highest level, thus ensuring that unusual parts or service replacements that are covered under the warranty plan for your vehicle will be available to you, thus significantly lowering your service costs.

Service with JQ Motors and Receive the Best

Based upon the above, it is clear that each new car owner of a Mitsubishi or Chevrolet vehicle should service their vehicle no less than 4 times a year. This will help our Service Advisors help you to maintain as trouble free a vehicle as possible. Please feel free to contact our Service Department at 453-2277 or 285-4544 or email us at

Customer Service Form

Download our Customer Service Form here. Please bring this form with you when you come for your service to help us provide you with the best possible experience.